Capitalizing on Uncertainty

Is Your Business Frozen with Fear?
The economy is picking back up--and that's good news. But uncertainty remains strong, and people are afraid. They're afraid that the economy might take a turn for the worse. They're afraid that good clients might suddenly disappear. And they're afraid that they could lose their own jobs at any minute.

To avoid risk, many businesses have become paralyzed into inaction. They've cut budgets, instituted hiring freezes, cancelled projects, and put a moratorium on new investments. But is that the right way to go?

Uncertainty = Opportunity
Times like these, while a bit nerve wracking, are some of the best times to make bold moves. Time to update infrastructure and improve processes. Time to make smart investments...including investments in people.

But how can you do this when you can't hire? Think flexible staffing! Flexible staffing can expand your capacity, give you on-demand access to highly skilled talent, and allow you to capitalize on new opportunities--without increasing your overhead.

Five Ideas for Using Flexible Staffing to Accelerate Growth
  • Expertise...on demand. Looking for an expert in technology, finance or another specific field? PrideStaff can provide expert personnel to help launch new initiatives, lead your team, or get back burner projects off the ground.

  • Free key talent. Many companies have become so "lean and mean" that people are consumed by the day-to-day work, and they don't have the time to focus on strategic initiatives. PrideStaff can provide flexible support staff to ease the burden on your star performers, so they can spend more time doing the high level work you want done.

  • Test new ideas. Using flexible staffing is an ideal way to lower the risk of a new product or market launch. You can create a dedicated project team--staffing with temporary professionals--to research, test and complete a trial launch of new products or new markets. Once the test is validated, then you can commit to the investment of a full-launch.

  • Strategic hiring. If you need someone now, PrideStaff can help you find the right talent faster. And even if you're not looking to hire, we can help you proactively look for "A-level" talent for future hires (or even recruit top performers away from your competition).

    Our professional recruiters can confidentially source the people you need. We can supplement your HR efforts, provide you with access to our outstanding database of local candidates and national recruiting resources, and offer a variety of hiring alternatives to reduce your hiring risk and expense. We can also virtually eliminate your risk of making hiring mistakes!

  • Limit legal trouble. In an uncertain economy, the last thing you want to worry about is being slapped with a wrongful termination suit or any other employee lawsuit. Working with PrideStaff limits your legal liability as the temporary employees are not employed by your company, but by PrideStaff.
Looking for More Ideas?
If you'd like to discuss other ways flexible staffing can be used to help your business grow, please call your nearest PrideStaff office today or visit us online at

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