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November 2012
Hi Reader,

It's almost "that" time of year again...

No, not the holiday season, it's almost time for performance review season. Aren't you excited???

Sadly, most managers (and employees) are less than inspired about reviews. And that's a shame because performance reviews can be a huge catalyst for positive change. The trick is to approach the process a little differently.

To help make your annual reviews more productive, this issue of Innovations will show you five ways to take the pain out of the review process.

I hope you enjoy our Innovative Ideas, and if you have any questions about hiring, staffing or management issues, I'm only a phone call or email away!

Best regards,

Bob Daniel
PrideStaff - Las Vegas
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The Top 5 Pain Points in Performance Reviews (And How to Solve Them)

Has anyone ever said, "I can't wait for this year's performance review!"

Actually, YES, lots of people find reviews to be motivating and inspirational (really they do!). This Innovative Idea will show you how to eliminate the top five mistakes in the traditional review process.

Help Your Employees Juggle Work and the Holidays
Everyone loves the holidays, right? Unfortunately, no. A lot of people get really stressed out with all there is to do. This month's Best Practice will show you a few easy ways to "break the rules" to help your people relax, enjoy the holidays and still get work done.
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