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May 2013
Hi Reader,

Let's face it, social media is not going anywhere. So now it has become vitally important for employers to protect themselves in matters of social media.

That's why we wanted to share a great article on the importance of having a written social media policy. If you don't have a formal policy, this article is a must read!

Best regards,

Bob Daniel
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INNOVATIVE IDEA: Authenticity in a Leader: How Being Authentic Can Impact Your Success

5 Areas to Motivate Employees to Grow

Let's all be honest with ourselves, the thought of being a leader is very appealing to the ego. However, the reality of being an authentic leader implies death to your ego. Why? Because being authentic means that you care so much about a purpose, a principle, and a goal, that you're willing to make big sacrifices just so you can reach what you wish to accomplish.

What is it that makes an authentic leader?
Social Media Policy Writing

10 Not-So-Obvious Barriers to Effective Leadership

Employers must accept some responsibility for how their employees manage social media - in and out of the workplace. with many other things in life; it may not seem fair, but nevertheless, the responsibility for spelling out what is and is not appropriate behavior must fall somewhere. Since an employer could ultimately terminate an employee for his or her comments via social media - it makes sense that the responsibility would rest with the employer.
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