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June 2010

Hi Reader,

When it comes to assessing talent, a job interview may be one of the least reliable tools you can use.

Study after study has proven that interviews are lousy predictors of future success. And to make matters worse, they have been shown to limit diversity.

So what can you do to better assess job candidates?

This issue of Innovations is dedicated to helping you improve your hiring process. In our Innovative Idea, you'll find 13 creative--and effective--tools that will help you improve screening accuracy.

And our Best Practice will show you how a lesson or two from the boy scouts can make a positive impact on your hiring results.

I hope you enjoy these ideas, and if you need any help with your screening process, feel free to give me a call.

Best regards,

Bob Daniel
PrideStaff - Las Vegas

Improving Interviews: Innovative Tools For Selecting "A" Players
What's your greatest strength/weakness?
What has been your greatest achievement?
Blah, blah, blah...

If you think these typical interview questions will tell you what you need to know about a job candidate, think again!

According to HR expert Dr. John Sullivan, job interviews stink as a candidate selection tool, and in this article, you'll find 13 out of the box strategies that you can use to select "A" players each and every time.


Make Like a Boy Scout:
Prepare to improve the quality of your hires

A great candidate will prepare extensively for an interview with your company--taking the time to become familiar with your services, history and industry challenges.

But do you do as much preparation?

Most companies don't. In fact, outside of HR, few managers ever receive training in the hiring process. And the most common interview is the "seat of the pants" style, which is filled with unplanned questions that have little value.

At PrideStaff, we're committed to helping employers hire better. And this best practice will show you how to improve your interview process and make your organization more competitive in attracting the best and brightest talent.

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